"This is a solid hard case. Most of the eco-friendly phone covers don't last even a week, but this one is a real deal. Having your pet's photo printed on it as just adorable"

- Alex

Eco-friendly iPhone 12 case is here. Get your personalize biodegradable phone cover with your furry friend's photo on it. This is a truly sustainable way to protect nature and your phone. It's not just environmentally cautious, but also fun! How doesn't want to have a uniquely personalized iPhone 12 phone cover with their pet's photo on it? 

• 100% biodegradable material
• Anti-shock protection
• Thickness over 1.8mm
• Decomposes in ~1 year
• Packaged in a degradable and protective CPE 07 bag and shipped in a carton box

How It Works

📷 Upload high quality photo of your choice.
🖋️ Our team will remove the background from the image and print it on the phone case.
📦 Phone case will be manufactured and sent within 2 working days.

Image Requirements

Avoid Blurred or Gritty Photos

The quality of the print depends on the quality of your picture. Upload sharp photos with your pet in focus. All counturs should be clearly visible. Your iphone will do the job!

Good Light Is Everything

You want to make sure that the image is not too dark nor overexposed.

Positioning Is The Key

If the whole body or head are visible, we include them in the picutre. We cannot add what is not visible. That is why you want to make sure your can see your pet's face complitey or it may look unattractive when background is removed.

Multiple Pets or Pets and People

We can add unlimited number of animals, but it might not look good. When trying to fit more than 2 animals/people on the phone cover, the print's hight will have to be smaller than usual, about 1/3 of the phone cover size. If you really want 2 or more pets/people on the iPhone cover, make sure that all of them are positioned next to eachother with little to no space in between them.

Eco-Friendly iPhone 12 Case

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